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Welcome to Glitzy Face Painting

Featuring a fantastical Glitter Bar, a sparkling array of chunky festival glitter along with some beautiful bling pieces to compliment your look, we are able to provide an amazing service for all your face painting needs.


Also available is a full range of UV paints, glitters and bling for your budding ravers and festival goers.  


I also offer Glitter Temporary Tattoos which are a great addition to any party. Kids love them.  In addition, birthday girl or boy gets a personalized card from Glitzy Facepainting and a small gift.


After each child is painted their name is put into a draw so one child can win a prize.


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The safety of every customer is our top priority and as such we have put measures in place. Each child/adult must use hand sanitiser before sitting in the face painters chair. The face painter will be required to wear a mask/Visor and to sanitise their hands after each child. Water will be changed after each child and brushes will be thoroughly cleaned and sprayed with alcohol before using again.  One sponge will be used per child/colour and Will not be placed back into the paint, the same applies to all the brushes. Once a child vacate the face painters chair, the chair will be thoroughly cleaned before allowing the next child to sit.


This is in addition to the standard hygiene procedures already in place as per my terms and conditions.